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The dentists at Southwest Dental Care are dedicated to providing dental care and periodontics services to our valued patients in London.

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Dr. Robert Perkins #1

Dr. Robert Perkins

Dr. Perkins performs services in general dentistry, as well as orthodontics, esthetics and dental implants.

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Dr. Yiyi Zhang #1

Dr. Yiyi Zhang

Dr. Yiyi is highly proficient in all aspects of dentistry, demonstrated by her passion for restoring and improving the oral health of her patients.

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Dr. Morad #1

Dr. Morad Alkhasawneh

Dr. Morad is a Sedation Specialist at Southwest Dental Care in London. 

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Dr. Massie Rahim #1

Dr. Massie Rahim

Dr. Massie graduated from Western University where he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

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Dr. Hameed #1

Dr. Mohanad Hameed

Dr. Hameed is a DDS at Southwest Dental Care in London.

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