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The dentists at Southwest Dental Care are dedicated to providing dental care and periodontics services to our valued patients in London.

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Dr. Robert Perkins, London Dentist

Dr. Robert Perkins

Dr. Perkins performs services in general dentistry, as well as orthodontics, esthetics and dental implants.

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Dr. Yiyi Zhang, London General Dentist

Dr. Yiyi Zhang

Dr. Yiyi is highly proficient in all aspects of dentistry, demonstrated by her passion for restoring and improving the oral health of her patients.

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Dr. Morad Alkhasawneh, London Sedation Specialist

Dr. Morad Alkhasawneh

Dr. Morad is a Sedation Specialist at Southwest Dental Care in London. 

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Dr. Massie Rahim, London General Dentist

Dr. Massie Rahim

Dr. Massie graduated from Western University where he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

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Dr. Mohanad Hameed, London Dentist

Dr. Mohanad Hameed

Dr. Hameed is a DDS at Southwest Dental Care in London.

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